Animal friends

Lovingly cared for 365 days of the year by Kev

Animals offer such a therapy to people. 

Every week guests make friends with our animals and they are one of the things that everyone goes home talking about. 

These three!!! What can I say. We could sit and laugh at them all day. From chasing each other around the field to hassling guests for treats they'll be sure to put a smile on your face.

Our small flock of sheep like to sleep around the base of the lodges. The arrival of lambs in the spring delights everyone

          Rosie and Ruthie are our living Teddy bears. (Ryland sheep)        Julie's Christmas present in 2020. Just how cute are they. We now also have four of their lambs who are growing into larger teddy bears, Yoda, Lily, Lola and Larry.

Lucy is our original goat and she gave birth to Hidy in June 2021. Every day we would spend an hour or more looking for the little kid and feared the worse...hence her name. Lucy likes a cuddle if you're close

Pickle and Onion joined us in the late summer of 2021 and didn't take long to settle right in. They climb up the railings to say hello to guests...I'm hoping they're not planning on join visitors in the hot tub any time soon!!!

And in June 2023 they have also become mums

Our lovely hens keep very busy all day but will also pop down for a hello. Its a vision to behold when they all run towards you together.

Colin the Cockerel defends his ladies at all times.


 Gem's best friend loved by all who meet her. Mother to Pip.


I really should update this photo but I cant!! She's much bigger now but still gorgeous.

I hate it when we're asked if we're dog friendly...we absolutely love dogs we're very dog friendly. Its just we don't want dogs inside spoiling all the extra touches of our much loved log cabins.  SORRY


Probably the cutest cat ever...but we might just be biased!!!

In the summer months the fields will be full of stunning horses. Breath takingly beautiful

That's our animal family at the moment...I'm working on Kev for reindeers next!!

One guest made a list of the wild birds that he saw whilst sitting quietly on the decking. 

This is what he saw on just one day.

Pheasant        Crow       Jackdaw        Blue Tit        Great Tit        Starling         Chaffinch       Red Kite 

Buzzard     Nuthatch    Pied wagtail     Dunnock      Wren     Song thrush      Black bird     Mallards  

Robin     Magpie    Raven     Gold crest    Gold finch    Collared Dove    House sparrow     coot

Long tailed tit        red legged partridge         Woodpecker        Grey Heron        Kingfisher

Wow!!! Just wow....if you sit quietly for long enough and enjoy the beauty of nature.